All of the Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions® formulas exclusively combine the three biotherapies (gemmotherapy, lithotherapy and organotherapy) in a special synergy critical to their effectiveness.

 Gemmotherapy remedies are extracts of the actively growing parts of plants such as the buds, rootlets, young shoots and seeds. This is where all the potential, all the genetic information, is that goes into making the mature plant. Because of this, gemmotherapy is often referred to as “plant stem cell therapy.” In fact, once a plant matures, many of the components found in the buds are no longer present. They are rich in plant growth substances that can stimulate the various tissues of the body. Gemmotherapy also helps flush toxins from the body by stimulating the normal elimination pathways.

Lithotherapy utilizes mineral containing rocks which have undergone the process of trituration (being reduced to a fine powder.) The powdered rock, with its compliment of naturally occurring minerals, is bio-energetically enhanced and made into a liquid form. When taken in to the body in this way, Lithotherapy acts to both remove toxins from the body at the cellular level and optimize mineral balance within the cells. These minerals become the catalysts for the enzyme reactions in the body that are essential for proper physiological functioning.

 Organotherapy remedies are made from healthy organ, gland or tissue extracts. Using minute amounts which have been bio-energetically enhanced, the immune system is activated to restore the normal function of the respective organ, gland or tissue.