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Nation of Zombies

Nation of Zombies

The abuse of illegal drugs has for decades been a personal tragedy for so many and a public health crisis the world over. But now, especially here in the United States, due to the over-prescribing of harmful “legal” drugs, we have created a new crisis which has eclipsed that of illegal street drugs. In many cases the prescription drugs are more addicting and have worse side effects than the illegal drugs. Yet it’s all under their doctor’s care and with government approval, even encouragement. People who wouldn’t think of sticking a needle in their arm don’t hesitate to run to the pharmacy to fill the prescription just handed to them by their well-intentioned yet misinformed family physician.  As a doctor I know that sometimes pharmaceutical intervention can be life-saving. Some drugs can offer temporary relief of symptoms, alleviate pain, act as a stop-gap measure while the underlying problem is being addressed. But this is not how medicine is being practiced.

How Did This Happen?

The truth is that our population is being systematically turned into a nation of zombies with over 8 million of our friends and relatives addicted to, getting sick from, even dying from the drugs prescribed to them under tremendous influence from the pharmaceutical industry. How did we let this happen?  How did it ever get so bad that we became one of the most addicted nations in the world?

Choosing Natural Solutions

I became so alarmed at what I saw around me I set out to create my own line of natural formulas that would be both safe and effective, non-addictive and with no side effects. Other doctors I know have done the same because we still believe that we can stop our descent to destruction as a civilization while Big Pharma makes hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Every month I will bring to your attention more important information that you need to know to make educated decisions about what we are allowing to be put in our bodies. Join our movement and help Americans take their lives back.

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