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Dr. Garber and his wife Helen started adopting rescue dogs, mostly Springer Spaniels, soon after he started his chiropractic practice for people—in 1981. But as someone who’d started out intending to become a veterinarian, in those years since, he’d also been treating animals too—with chiropractic and homeopathy. So, he had plenty of first-hand experience with what he saw as an increasing prevalence of compromising health conditions among dogs–and the less-than-ideal outcomes that most canines were having from the standard pharmaceutical protocols used to treat our best friends’ various conditions.

Shortly after relocating to Santa Fe in 2016, Dr. Garber finally had the time to develop his first bioformulas for animals. Initially named Maxwell Pet, the canine bioformulas address three top health issues facing most dogs: hip and joint problems, stress and anxiety issues, and skin and allergy conditions. The success of these three formulas, along with Dr. Garber’s ongoing work as a certified animal chiropractor and doctor of homeopathy then led to the creation of his equine bioformulas in 2023. As with his canine line, these equine remedies are specifically designed to address prevalent

Each bioformula is designed to target and rebalance the key bodily functions affected by an ailment.

Dr. Garber based his animal formulas on the same homeopathic roots that led to his human bioformulas: a combination of the three biotherapies known as Gemmotherapy, Lithotherapy and Organotherapy. Each bioformula blends the specific benefits of Organic, wild-harvested plant stem cells (Gemmotherapy), triturated minerals (Lithotherapy) and glandular extracts (Organotherapy) into one easy-to-use remedy.

Dr. Garber’s New Mexico animal practice

In 2018, Dr. Garber completed his certification as an animal chiropractor for small and large animals, fulfilling his teenage dream of providing health care for animals. Since then, Dr. Garber has teamed up with integrative veterinarians in New Mexico, providing chiropractic and homeopathic care to equines, canines (and other beloved species, too). 

Dr. Garber is certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and provides care to small and large animals. He sees small animals by appointment at the Veterinary Cancer Care clinic in Santa Fe, and large animals on location (barn or ranch) in Santa Fe County. Barn or farm/ranch calls outside of Santa Fe County may be considered by special arrangement. On-line homeopathic consultations for humans and their animals are also available. 

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Chiropractor to Assistance Dogs of the West

At Assistance Dogs of the West, we educate our staff and clients about nutrition, exercise, supplemental nutraceuticals and the benefit of integrative care, such as chiropractic, massage, laser, and rolfing. As part of that protocol each day for health and well-being, I give all my dogs in training Dr. Garber’s Hip & Joint formula. And we always have all three canine bioformulason hand at the training center for any of our pups in training to utilize.”

– Linda Milanesi, CEO & president 
Assistance Dogs of the West 

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Mentor and colleague, equine sports medicine veterinarian Dr. Mark Meddleton, DVM

“Dr. Stuart Garber is both a client of mine and a colleague. I am an equine veterinarian and Dr. Garber is an equine chiropractor. My practice is focused on high level performance horses, equine sports medicine and regenerative therapies. We often work together on the same horses, which is ideal because the work he does lends to the improved healing and performance in the horses producing a synergistic effect.”

– Mark Meddleton, DVM
Meddleton Equine Clinic
Equine Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapies

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The inspiration for Maxwell Pet

Dr. Garber originally launched his formulas for canines in 2017 and equines in 2023 under the brand name Maxwell Pet. He and Helen named the animal product line after their favorite hiking trail in California: the 2.6-mile-long Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail in Idyllwild, CA. Idyllwild, a 2 ½ hour drive from Santa Monica, was their go to place when they needed inspiration and a change of pace. Besides being a beautiful mountain town, it was the home of then, ISOMATA (Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts,) now Idyllwild Arts which offers adult classes during the summers.

“We went to Idyllwild in all seasons, but we started planning our summer trips to Idyllwild around the art courses we could take. I took all of the ceramics classes that were available, and Helen had her first class in encaustic there, a technique she uses in her work today. We always took our dogs with us to Idyllwild and a daily hike on the Ernie Maxwell Trail was our routine. It was a special place for us and our dogs. Never being without dogs in our life, and after 30 years of hiking that trail, you can imagine we were there with a lot of different dogs. So, when it came to branding the canine line of formulas, the name was a natural.”

Dr. Garber’s lifelong mission has been the same for animals as it has been for people: providing safe and effective alternatives to over-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and their harmful side effects. Dr. Garber has been passionate about the benefits of holistic medicine since he started working part time during high school at the first health food store in his hometown. After experiencing his first chiropractic adjustment in 1976 as a junior in college, what might have been just an adjustment became a life-altering realignment: instead of a career as a veterinarian, he changed his focus to chiropractic. He became a licensed chiropractor in 1981, entered a residency program with his mentor, Dr. David Denton, DC in Los Angeles and in 1985 he went on to create the city’s first truly integrative health center. He later earned a PhD in homeopathy—the first in the country.