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The Proven Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

The Proven Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

Our modern world is growing ever more toxic, and many people have started to recognize the signs that their bodies need detoxification. Some of these are sugar cravings, recurring seasonal allergies, skin breakouts, and gastrointestinal issues. Unhealthy eating habits, stress and inactivity are among the primary causes of constipation, which leaves you feeling generally unwell and lowers the ability of your immune system to fight disease. Detoxification can kickstart your metabolism again, and deliver a number of additional benefits.

Eliminate Toxins

Cleaning toxic waste out of your colon can make you feel better than you could ever imagine, but those aren’t the only toxins you need to get rid of. Start by using a constipation remedy to clear the colon, followed by daily fasting. It’s good practice to fast every day for 12 hours following your last meal, because:

  • 8 hours after eating, the digestive process is complete and your body enters detox mode.
  • An additional 4 hours enables the body to cleanse and eliminate the waste from normal metabolism.

This doesn’t take into account the toxic overload of modern-day living. To deal with that, follow a regular detox cleansing program and try to avoid toxins wherever possible by using water and air filters, eco-friendly cleaning products, chemical-free toiletries and cosmetics and green home design. We eliminate toxins throug

Gain Extra Energy

A detox diet might initially cause you to develop fatigue, especially if your diet was high in toxins beforehand. As long as you follow a safe, effective cleansing program, you’ll find it kills the bad bacteria in the gut that slow down your digestion and elimination processes. This enables your system to begin absorbing nutrients once again, which leaves you feeling energized and able to function in high gear.

Reset Your Food Choices

The primary goal of following an effective detox program is to make long-term lifestyle changes that enable you to avoid the regular use of constipation supplements. Detoxing resets your food choices by increasing your awareness of what you’re putting in your body. It enables you to opt for healthy-well-rounded meals that incorporate some of the foods you love, without overloading your system with high fat, salt, sugar and carbs. Once you realize how good you feel, it will be easier to avoid going back to the old ways of eating.

Manage Your Cravings

We all know it’s impossible to control cravings using willpower alone. Research shows cravings are often triggered by hormonal imbalances and psychological factors, like depression and low levels of parental care. While these factors indicate a need for physical and mental health treatment, the result of giving into cravings is binge eating and weight gain, and a safe, high quality detox treatment can help reduce these.

Curb Sugar Addictions

Research shows up to 8% of women between 45 and 64 years suffer from food addiction of one type or another, but we don’t know how many people deal with bouts of sugar cravings that persist for days at a time. Perhaps it’s not sugar specifically, but if you can’t survive without bread, pasta and other processed, starchy foods, you’re probably on the edge of a sugar addiction. Most of these are high on the glycemic index and produce a blood sugar response similar to that of pure sugar. A good detox program can help you break the cycle of dependence on sugar, replace your sugar crush with protein, healthy fats and reduce the systemic inflammation too much sugar causes.

I’m not recommending any particular detox over another, but I do believe the path to good health requires you to follow a program that is customized around things like your allergies, medical conditions and other lifestyle factors. Combine this with a high enough fluid intake to avoid dehydration, and you'll maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Consider the benefits of Dr. Garber’s Constipation Relief bioformula and since we eliminate toxins via the skin as well as the colon, you may want to add Dr. Garber’s Skin Health bioformula to your detox regimen.

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