Chiropractor to Assistance Dogs of the West

“When first I met Dr. Garber in 2019, he asked if Assistance Dogs of the West trainers and staff would try his canine formulas. One of our trainers had a pit bull pet dog, whose allergies were so severe, even Prednisone did not help him. The Skin & Allergy formula produced miraculous results – better than anything previously.

Personally, my late partner had a Doberman Pincher, who was a show dog as a youngster and had never seen a cat until she came to my house. She was intent on a “death bite.” It was a close call, and anytime she came to visit she would pace the house looking for the cat. I gave her Calm & Happy and within 10 minutes she would relax and settle down.  

At Assistance Dogs of the West, we educate our staff and clients about nutrition, exercise, supplemental nutraceuticals and the benefit of integrative care, such as chiropractic, massage, laser and rolfing. As part of that protocol each day for health and well-being, I give all my dogs in training Dr. Garber’s Hip & Joint formula. And we always have all three canine bioformulas on hand at the training center for any of our pups in training to utilize.

Further, our clients are local and national. And oftentimes, they travel to ADW to have the benefits provided by our care specialists like Dr. Garber. Not only does this provide maintenance care; but when there is a more intense condition, his input and hands-on work can be what will relieve the condition and he is always available to work with other specialists to provide maximum care and attention.  

Dr. Stuart, as we affectionately refer to him, has become one of our trusted integrative care specialists. And works with our dogs on a regular basis. He has also been one of our presenters in ADW’s national convening of handlers and clients.

Personally, I recently had COVID and though my symptoms were not extreme, he gave me his Lung Health formula and after two doses the cough was completely gone.  

I heartily recommend him and his products – and I’m proud to call him my friend.”

Linda Milanesi
Assistance Dogs of the West

Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) builds successful working partnerships between clients and dogs that empower people and open doors to new opportunities. Our mission unites individuals and teams in utilizing the power of the human-animal bond to create greater hope, resiliency and purposefulness across a far-reaching spectrum of services and geographies. 

We train professional canines for a multitude of careers including life changing service dogs for people with a variety of disabilities and veterans of various combats. Other areas where our dogs work include support for traumatized victims in the investigation and prosecution of crime, and for children in family court and juvenile justice, crisis response canines deployed to mass violence incidences, peer support dogs for first responders, along with our extensive student training programs. How to volunteer? We’ve got that covered too. Our foundation training includes the science-based and genetically chosen temperament qualities that inform our breeding program, as well as the age-specific methods for socialization and training, always using positive reinforcement.