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Constipation Relief

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BENEFITS: Helps to regulate sluggish bowel function; for the relief of occasional constipation. Constipation Relief is not a laxative, so do not expect a sudden urge to have a bowel movement. It works to help repair the gut so that it will naturally start working better. If you have been constipated for a long time it may take even a couple of weeks to notice it is working, although some people notice its effect much sooner. It is also unlike other popular supplements like psyllium husk, which has both short-term and long-term side effects and is not contraindicated with many other medications.* 

Constipation Relief, Skin Health & Thyro Support

Constipation Relief works so well synergistically with Skin Health: both are critical to ridding the body of excess or unwanted elements. Also, a low-functioning thyroid often leads to a slower metabolism, which means your body is not breaking down and ridding itself of toxins on a regular basis. Which is why Constipation Relief can also be taken in tandem with Thyroid Support—as it can help flush out what may be slowing down your thyroid.

Active ingredients

Constipation Relief contains a proprietary blend of: 

Prim Wort shoots (Ligustrum vulgare)
Rosemary shoots (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Wine Berry shoots (Vaccinium vitis idaea)

Pink Sandstone (potentized)

Large Intestine (potentized)

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Purified Water, 15% alcohol USP

Suggested Use

Take Dr. Garber’s Constipation Relief bioformula throughout the day as needed. Take 1.0 mL 2-4 times or more per day directly by mouth or in a small amount of water. 1.0 mL twice daily will usually be sufficient although some will find that more frequent dosing of 4 times or more per day will have a better result. The amount can be safely increased so use it as often as you need to get the desired result.

Storage Information

Keep at room temperature.

Does not have to be refrigerated.

Do not leave on or near sources of electromagnetic radiation such as TVs or computers.

Product Shelf Life: 5 years

Formula Origin

“There’s a reason Constipation Relief has become one of my top-selling bioformulas. Besides getting a good night’s sleep, having regular bowel movements may be the next most important thing for good health. With poor diets and sedentary lifestyles, many people find themselves unable to go regularly. Relying on laxatives, though, is definitely not the answer. Even herbal remedies and fiber supplements can be harsh and irritating. One day, into my office walked a mother with twin toddlers. Both children had the same diet; both were equally active. One had regular bowel movements; the other had been constipated for quite some time. This mother, very much to her credit, knew the dangers of laxatives and thought a homeopathic remedy would help. And it likely would have. But I’d just developed my Constipation Relief and it had worked well—but on adults. I hadn’t yet tried it on a younger patient. And unlike a homeopathic remedy, it worked by not forcing the body to respond but by helping to heal the lining of the gut and stimulate normal peristalsis. Although I had not given it to such a young patient before, I had a—pardon the pun—gut feeling that it would help. And I knew it would be safe. I just needed to cut the dose way down and repeat it more frequently. This mother then gave her son just a few drops several times a day. After a few days, things were beginning to move and before too long, he and his sibling were going through the diapers at an equal rate.” Dr. Garber, D.C., Ph.D.

Bioformula Ingredients

All of Dr. Garber’s bioformulas are made with certified Organic, Wild-Harvested, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free ingredients. The Gemmotherapy plant extracts are AB certified (grown using biodiversity-supportive agriculture practices) in the Occitanie region in the south of France – and certified Organic by EcoCert France.

Primwort shoots (Ligustrum vulgare):  © Picturethis


Prim Wort shoots (Ligustrum vulgare

These shoots facilitate drainage of the mucus membranes of the intestines, which protect one’s gut from outside invaders and keep one’s gastrointestinal tract well lubricated.

Rosemary shoots (Rosmarinus officinalis):  © Trigg Plants


Rosemary shoots (Rosmarinus officinalis

This Gemmo acts as the quintessential liver and gall bladder drainer. Rosemary itself has been used to ward off headaches and stomach aches as well as muscle spasms and dysmenorrhea (pain during the menstrual cycle).

Wine Berry shoots (Vaccinium vitis idaea):  © Wikipedia


Wine Berry shoots (Vaccinium vitis idaea) 

These shoots act on the entire pelvic basin, affecting the bladder and the reproductive organs as well as the lower gastrointestinal tract. Also known as lingonberries, this Gemmo stimulates the gall bladder, intestines, and even the prostate, and it has been used to treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and the magnesium in them helps with overall digestion.

Pink Sandstone


Pink Sandstone

This Litho plays a role in stool formation and consistency.

Large intestine:  © National Cancer Institute by Terese Winslow Illustrator


Large Intestine (potentized)

This extract has a stimulatory effect on one’s large intestine and a positive influence on peristalsis—the involuntary muscle movement that moves food through your gastrointestinal tract. Decreased peristalsis often leads to constipation, so this tissue extract keeps one’s peristaltic contractions—and bowel movements—in balance and functioning smoothly.