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Mood Boost

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BENEFITS: For the relief of occasional feelings of sadness and melancholy, as well as gloom, heavy-heartedness—and the “D word.”*

Mood Boost, Sleep Aid & Anxiety Relief

For someone who is not anxious but is suffering from what William Styron called the “darkness visible”—this intense and prolonged dispiritedness can often prevent a person from getting good sleep. (And sleeplessness or a lack of quality sleep can circle back to feeling down—creating a particularly nasty vicious cycle.) If this sounds familiar, taking Mood Boost during the day, then Mood plus Sleep Aid before bedtime, can be quite effective and helpful. Some people can’t sleep because of anxiety, whether that’s situational, free-floating or chemically created. The synergistic benefits of taking Sleep Aid with Anxiety Relief and Mood Boost can be profound.

Active ingredients

Mood Boost contains a proprietary blend of: 

Fig Tree buds (Ficus carica)
Lime Tree buds (Tilia tomentosa)
Silver Birch buds (Betula verrucosa

Lepidolite (potentized)

Cortico-Hypothalamic Axis (potentized)

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Purified Water, 15% alcohol USP

Suggested Use

Take 1.0 mL of Dr. Garber’s Mood Boost bioformula throughout the day as needed, directly by mouth or in a small glass of water. 1.0 mL twice daily will usually be sufficient although some will find that more frequent dosing of 4 times or more per day will have a better result. Still others just carry the bottle around with them and take an extra squirt whenever they feel the need to. You can even add several squirts into a small bottle of water and just sip it throughout the day! The amount can be safely increased, so take it as often as you need to achieve the desired result. If it applies to your particular situation, you may find that taking Dr. Garber’s Anxiety Relief bioformula as well will produce an even better result. Any of Dr. Garber’s formulas may be taken together at the same time.

Storage Information

Keep at room temperature.

Does not have to be refrigerated.

Do not leave on or near sources of electromagnetic radiation such as TVs or computers.

Product Shelf Life: 5 years

Formula Origin

A patient of mine had been on a prescription antidepressant for quite some time. She didn’t like the way she felt on the drug and wanted to stop taking it. Working with the doctor who’d prescribed it to wean herself off, no matter how slowly she went, she would eventually “crash and burn” and have to go back to the full dose. They tried this protocol a few times and always the same result: crash and burn. Knowing that biotherapies can be safely taken along with pharmaceutical drugs, I put together a combination that would address her situation and allow her to finally wean herself off the drug. She took both, my new bioformula and her prescription, for one month, and then began the weaning process. This time, though, she came completely off of the antidepressant drug and was able to continue on with this side-effect-free bioformula. Eventually, she was able to take it on an as-needed basis for those times when she needed a little extra help.” Dr. Garber, D.C., Ph.D.

Bioformula Ingredients

All of Dr. Garber’s bioformulas are made with certified Organic, Wild-Harvested, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free ingredients. The gemmotherapy plant extracts are AB certified (grown using biodiversity-supportive agriculture practices) in the Occitanie region in the south of France – and certified Organic by EcoCert France.

Fig Tree buds (Ficus carica):  © Green Mac Energy Limited


Fig Tree buds (Ficus carica

These buds have a calming effect on nervousness that usually originates in the stomach, which is why figs have long been used to balance the digestive system. Here, though, the buds specifically help balance one’s nervous system and psyche, while also alleviating stress and helping with sleep.

Lime Tree buds (Tilia tomentosa):  © North Carolina Extension


Lime Tree buds (Tilia tomentosa

This is the perfect calmative. These buds have often been used as a sedative, and studies have shown that the tomentosa buds mimic the effects of GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), the neurotransmitter in your brain that blocks nerve cells, inhibits excitability and acts as an anxiolytic (a substance that reduces anxiety).

Silver Birch buds (Betula verrucosa):  © Purdue University


Silver Birch buds (Betula verrucosa

These buds, related to the seeds used in Anxiety Relief, here have a different effect on the system: the buds have a strengthening effect on one’s general constitution.

Lepidolite:  © The Crystal Barn



This Litho, also known as the “Peace Stone” or “Grandmother Stone,” contains several minerals—including lithium which helps to normalize one’s mood by raising or maintaining proper serotonin levels (serotonin being one of the body’s natural chemicals that controls your mood and reduces anxious behaviors.) Greek for “scale” (lepis) and “stone” (lithos), lepidolite also improves sleep and boosts the immune system, and reduces inflammation.

Cortico-Hypothalamic Axis:  © Brain Made Simple


Cortico-Hypothalamic Axis (potentized)

This tissue extract affects neurological pathways and it also helps keep one’s Autonomic Nervous System in balance, thereby regulating our emotional responses to the outside world as well as stress.