About Dr. Garber

Dr. Stuart H. Garber, D.C., Ph.D., AVCA,  has been practicing holistic medicine since 1981. He has lectured to the general public, medical, dental, chiropractic, acupuncture and veterinary groups in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. In 1997 Dr. Garber became the first person in the United States to receive a Ph.D. degree in Homeopathy. He is Past-President of the California Homeopathic Medical Society of and sits on the boards of other several other organizations. Presently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, the artist Helen K. Garber and their three horses and three dogs, Dr. Garber maintains a private practice, teaches, writes, and also conducts research in dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies. He is the developer of Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions and Maxwell Pet by Dr. Garber’s, unique lines of biotherapy formulas that safely and effectively address many of the most common conditions for humans and their animal companions while producing no harmful side effects. Dr. Garber is also certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Garber's Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

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