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"I love Dr. Garber's Sleep formula, for patients, family, friends and even myself! It's the perfect "nightcap" for the anyone with problems falling asleep or staying asleep, providing deep, restful sleep, with no morning hangover."
- Hyla Cass, M.D,, Holistic Psychiatrist, Pacific Palisades, CA; Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

"Dr. Garber's formulas have provided me with an incredibly effective tool for helping my patients. An easy and inexpensive adjunct to my practice with no toxic side effects."
- Jerry M. Rosenberg, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist, Santa Monica, CA

"Dr. Garber's therapeutic formulas have been extensively researched and uniquely designed to provide optimal results in dealing with a vast array of patient complaints. I highly recommend that practitioners make use of this wonderful tool in order to help optimize the health of their patients."
- Michael Galitzer, MD, Los Angeles, CA, Author of Outstanding Health: The 8 Essential Keys To Maximize Your Energy And Well Being

"Prior to taking Dr. Garber's Natural Solution for Sleep, I could count on not falling asleep for hours despite how tired-to-the-bone I was when I fell into bed. The pressures of the day and the worries over the days to come, would flash through my mind like a manic music video. But from the very first night that I took Dr. Garber's remedy, I feel asleep quickly -- and soundly! What a merciful relief! What's more, in the morning, I didn't have that awful, sleeping-medicine hangover that in the past has made me feel like I'm moving through Jello. Instead, I awoke alert and rested. What a great solution to my insomnia! Two thumbs up! Or rather, two fluffy pillows up!"
- Meredith Muncy, Venice, CA

"Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions are exactly that! They address the main concerns patients present. It is great to have a solution to significant health challenges in one bottle. I have many success stories with patients. I have used the Anxiety very successfully with patients experiencing anxiety. They really notice the difference, as it balances them without making them tired as some meds can. I have also used EnviroDefense with patients of all ages with excellent results. They usually notice immediate relief from their allergy symptoms. Skin is another favorite. A lot of patients present with dermatological issues, acne, dermatitis, eczema, etc. Skin has been remarkable in clearing up skin issues within a short period of time. As I see a lot of women presenting with gynecological concerns, I am quite amazed at the effects FemCycle has on the regular menstrual cycle. I used it last year on a patient who was having heavy and prolonged bleeding for years. She had a thorough workup with two gynecologists, but conventional treatment was unsuccessful. After one month on FemCycle, her symptoms decreased and she has had normal cycles for the past six months and feels wonderful. Thank you Dr. Garber for these amazing Natural Solutions to health concerns that so many people have!"
- Patricia Fitzgerald, DHM, LAc, CCN, Santa Monica Wellness Center, Author of The Detox Solution and Wellness Editor at Huffington Post Media Group

"I take my hat off to Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions. At 65 years old I have suffered from seasonal allergies and asthma for a long time. I've been taking medications that caused numerous unpleasant side effects because I thought I had no alternative. Then I discovered Dr. Garber's Allergy and Lung formulas and I have experienced a drastic reduction of symptoms with no need for medication. Thank you so much!"
- Lester Hornig, W. Hurley, NY

“It's working AMAZINGLY!!!!!! Thank you so much for the Sleep!! :)

- Teri Pirtle, Hiawatha, IA

"Joints Solution is my favorite...Three droppers in water in the morning and one at arthritis in my hands for the rest of the day!!!"
- Nancy Sitrick, Pacific Palisades, CA

"I had been on asthma inhalers and allergy medicine such as antihistamines and nasal sprays daily since the age of 5 or 6. At the age of 27, I started taking Dr. Garber’s Lungs and EnviroDefense formulas regularly and after only a few months I was able to completely get off of my medication. This was 3 years ago, and now I only take the formulas as needed, for example if I know I am going to be around cats which I am highly allergic to or when the pollen kicks up at the season change."
- Holly Sidell, Los Angeles, CA

“I began using Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions for FemCycle and stopped suffering from hot flashes. I started to menstruate every 28 days again as well. My hormone levels tested as balanced and my gynecologist was surprised that despite my age of 52, the results showed that I was not even in a state of peri-menopause. My doctor, who is a proponent of Bio-identical Hormones, advised me to continue doing what I was doing and she had nothing better to offer me. I stopped taking the remedy for a few weeks just to see what would happen. My period again became erratic and the hot flashes returned. I decided that the inconvenience of menstruating was more desirable than the discomfort of hot flashes and began taking the formula again. The hot flashes subsided within 3 days.”
- H.K.G., Venice, CA

"Mom is doing quite well living on her own at her home. She attends the Senior Center every day for lunch and really enjoys that. She is using the Depression and Anxiety and these seem to be very effective for her."
- C.M., Marion, NC

"The EnviroDefense remedy you sent me was incredible. I use it all the time. Unlike the prescription from my doctor, I do not have to worry about side effects. It gives me energy and keeps me going all day, free from symptoms of stuffy nose, itchiness, heaviness in the chest and congestion. Thank you so much for your help."
- Alexis Johnson, Novi, MI

"Over these past months my daughter has been giving me this Joint Formula and I just wanted to tell you, I think they do me a lot of good. I take them every time I pass by. I take a couple of droppers. And they seem to have done very good for me. I'm free of pain and I do walk. I can't do much tennis playing but I think it's done me a lot of good and I thank you for that."
- George Stein, age 90, Los Angeles, CA

"I was having a significant amount of pain due to endometriosis and was told by my doctors that the only treatment for the pain would be my taking birth control pills. I took a chance on the FemCycle formula and only one month later my pain had almost completely disappeared. I'm so glad I took the formula!"
- D.S., Los Angeles, CA

"Your Lung remedy is AMAZING!!!! Really and truly amazing. It's magic. I tell everyone about it who will listen. Thanks for that."
- Jaymie Homan, Venice, CA

"I have suffered with environmental allergies and food intolerances, manifesting as very itchy skin on and off most of my life. After giving up the cortisone creams decades ago, I started my search for relief. I tried acupuncture, of course, with virtually no long term success. I tried the candida diet, again with no success. While in acupuncture school I had success with Classical Homeopathy for a period of time. Unfortunately I antidoted that remedy and have suffered on and off to varying degrees ever since. I had some success with a form of NAET, but currently don't have access to a therapist. About a year and a half ago I decided to try all sorts of remedies, of which there are many, and most do very little if anything to help. When I came across your formulas I decided to try the Skin and EnviroDefense together. The results have been remarkable. My skin has completely cleared up and I can eat almost anything without having an allergic reaction. After approximately five months I stopped taking the formulas and have been fine for the last two to three months. I am just now starting to have very mild reactions to certain foods, so I have started taking them again. I assume I will have to take them on and off in order to control this over time given the chronicity of my condition. Again, I can't thank you enough for these formulas. They have changed my life!"
- Marion Bergan Irwin, licensed acupuncturist, Dalton, MA

"I used your Natural Solutions For Lungs because I had a severe cold. I felt 100% the next day and was able to attend an important event! I feel comfortable recommending your product. Extremely grateful for you!"
- Kathy Green, Santa Monica Mirror

"Recently I had to undergo ankle replacement surgery as a result of a bone-on-bone condition. Additionally, it was necessary to put a plate and 4 screws on the side of my ankle to provide more support to my newly replaced ankle joint. Bone growth, strength and density became vital to the success of this procedure. To help ensure I had done all I could to help my bone grow onto the new ankle, I began taking Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions for Bone Strength. My surgeon was consistently amazed at how well my bone was growing to support the ankle replacement. At 3 months, he indicated I was where he had hoped I would be at 4 months. At 4 months, he indicated that we could remove the plate and screws in the near future as my ankle had strengthened to the point that the extra support would not be necessary. I am convinced that Dr. Garber's Bone Strength formula made all the difference!"
- Arlene Johnson, Novi, MI

"I am 76 year old male and have had severe asthma for the last 25 years. About 1998 I was talking to a woman who worked for a homeopathic doctor. She told me in glowing detail about how her asthma had been arrested by this doctor she worked for. About this time my own asthma had grown to alarming rate and was progressing monthly. I went to this doctor and she prescribed several medicines for me. She also said I would have to stop taking the medicines that I had been taking and were given to me by a regular M.D. I started taking the homeopathic medicines and I was religious in not missing a dose. About a week into this new medicine I became really ill and could not breathe and was choking. I passed out and was turning blue. I was rushed to the VA hospital and when I awoke I was in intensive care in a oxygen tent with a I.V. in both arms. I made a vow to never even walk near a dose of homeopathic medicine again for the rest of my life. By this time in 2008 my asthma was really bad and I was living on several doses of Pseudoephedrine each day. I became frightened by this because it had raised my blood pressure to the point that I had to take two blood pressure medicines each day to control my blood pressure. I was sweating and hot all of the time. I knew this would have serious consequences on my health but nothing else helped me. It was a hopeless feeling. But life goes on and I was doing all I could do. I knew my wife went to a homeopathic doctor in Santa Monica. I had shared my experience with her about my bout with homeopathic medicine. She made no attempt to force her ideas on me About two weeks ago I had an asthma attack combined with a common cold. It was terrible. She witnessed all my coughing and choking and pleaded with me to try this medicine she had received from Dr. Garber. In desperation I finally agreed to try his allergy and lung formulas. The results have been unbelievable. Within one week I have stopped coughing and the post-nasal drip has stopped which caused complications to my asthma. I continue to improve and am sleeping better. I am grateful to Dr. Garber for the help he has given me."
- Richard Brazas, Los Angeles, CA

"W.O.W.! Walking On Water! That's how I feel like now. I race walk almost daily because, as a senior citizen and owner of Venice Beach Walking Tours, I must stay in shape. Dr. Garber's Joint Formula has taken away the pain. I have no after effects. Yes, I love a Jacuzzi, a massage, a steam, BUT I don't need it. Being "good to go anytime" has become my mantra. Doctor Garber, I love what you have done for my health and ability to share my Venice with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Jeffrey Solomon, Venice, CA,

"I've worked with Stuart for many years but not until recently did I try his products. Well, I tried the "LUNGS" formula and I just couldn't believe the results! Now I have two bottles sitting on my desk at work. Much Thanks Stuart."
- Cary V. Bruecher, Bruecher Communications

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