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Canine Skin & Allergy

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Benefits: This bioformula soothes skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies. Our all-natural formula helps your pet maintain a normal inflammatory response.*

Active ingredients

Canine Skin & Allergy contains a proprietary blend of: 

Black Currant buds (Ribes nigrum)
English Elm buds (Ulmus campestre)
European Walnut buds (Juglans regia)
Rye Grain rootlets (Secale cereale

Lithotherapy (potentized)

Organotherapy (potentized)
Dermal gland extract
Pineal gland extract

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Purified Water, 15% Alcohol USP

Suggested Use

Give orally, directly by mouth or in your dog’s food, twice daily.

Dogs under 25 lbs – 1/2 dropper
Dogs between 25-75 lbs – 1 dropper
Dogs over 75 lbs – 2 droppers

Additional doses may be given as needed. Amount and/or frequency may be adjusted as needed. 

Storage Information

Keep at room temperature.

Does not have to be refrigerated.

Do not leave on or near sources of electromagnetic radiation such as TVs or computers.

Product Shelf Life: 5 years

Formula Origin

“Before moving from California to our New Mexico ranch, where we have lots of room for our dogs to run, we had to take them to the local dog park for exercise. Observing the dogs at the park I noticed many, regardless of breed, fell into three groups. There were the older dogs that didn’t run around and play much as they had obvious hip issues and joint pain in general. Then there were the dogs that were constantly stopping to scratch, licking their paws and chewing on themselves. You could see their red, irritated bellies, hot spots and bald patches. Still a third group were the nervous dogs, hiding behind their people. Like most community dog parks, before too long everyone knew each other, where they lived and what they did. Knowing about my bioformulas for people, pet parents came up to me asking if it would be okay to use Joint Health for their dog, or Anxiety Relief, Enviro Defense or Skin Health. I knew they were safe and they were just as effective for dogs as they were for people. When my circumstances finally allowed me to develop formulas specifically for dogs, it was a no brainer which ones to start with. That was the birth of Maxwell Pet Calm & Happy, Hip & Joint and Skin & Allergy.” Dr. Garber, D.C., Ph.D.

Bioformula Ingredients

All of Dr. Garber’s bioformulas are made with certified Organic, Wild-Harvested, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free ingredients. The Gemmotherapy plant extracts are AB certified (grown using biodiversity-supportive agriculture practices) in the Occitanie region in the south of France – and certified Organic by EcoCert France.

Black Currant buds (Ribes nigrum):  © Horticulture Magazine


Black Currant buds (Ribes nigrum)

These buds act as a potent adrenal drainer (the adrenals sit just above the kidneys, which help regulate a dog’s metabolism and immune system, as well as the body’s stress response). They have long been used to treat a depleted nervous system, lack of energy and to treat various inflammatory diseases. Black Currants are probably the best anti-inflammatory. They are also an amazing adrenal stimulator, which strengthens the immune system, and they help decrease the cortisol levels in the body.

English Elm buds (Ulmus procera):  © Tudo Sobre Eventos


English Elm buds (Ulmus campestre)

English Elm buds serve as the premier skin detoxifier and for the kidneys and liver as well. They also have powerful purifying properties.

English Walnut buds (Juglans regia):  © garden-en


European Walnut buds (Juglans regia)

European Walnut buds are an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Rye Grain rootlets (Secale cereale)


Rye Grain rootlets (Secale cereale) 

These rootlets have a healing effect on both the dermal and epidermal layers of a dog’s skin. They also have various antioxidant effects.

Quadratic Feldspar:  © Wikimedia Commons



The minerals in this Litho act on all skin conditions and help nourish the skin.

Galena:  © Ivar Leidus/Wiki



This Litho has been found to play an important role in immune function and especially in the treatment of allergies of all types. It helps reduce eruptions in the skin and can also stimulate blood circulation.

Dermal Gland: © Merck Veterinary Manual


Dermal extract 

This extract normalizes all cellular functions of a dog’s integumentary system—the skin, hair and whiskers.

Pineal Gland: © St. Albert Animal Clinic


Pineal Gland extract 

This extract comes from the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland inside the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin, the serotonin-derived hormone that maintains and controls our circadian and seasonal rhythms. This gland is used for its involvement in immunoregulation.