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A couple of weeks ago I went down to San Diego to speak at the California Chiropractic Association's annual convention. It was my pleasure to share the stage with documentary filmmaker Chris Bell. His latest work, Prescription Thugs, in which my interview with Chris appears, focuses on the epidemic of prescription drug overdoses and is an indictment of the pharmaceutical industry as 'legal' drug pushers. Having lost one brother to this travesty and becoming an addict himself, this important film validates my long time campaign to help people live a healthier and happier life without the side effects, sometimes lethal side effects, of many prescription drugs.

As the graphic here shows, deaths from drug overdoses exceeds deaths from traffic accidents, guns and falls, and the majority of these are unintentional. The doctors who prescribe these drugs aren't intentionally trying to harm their patients, quite the opposite, yet these are the only tools they have. And the pharmaceutical companies encourage (probably too gentle a term) them to prescribe more and more, for everything from pain management to mood disorders, even for conditions that the drugs haven't even been approved for, the so called "off label" use. It's not enough to require doctors to be more judicious in how they prescribe, there needs to be a paradigm shift in how we deliver health care.

The doctors in this particular audience I was speaking to, being drugless healers, already get it. Nonetheless they have patients who are taking dangerous drugs prescribed to them by other doctors, and are desperate for alternatives to offer their patients, as are the patients desperate to find alternatives that can help them without side effects. Thankfully we have very good natural solutions available to help with these issues. For more information visit or email me at

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